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Editor’s Beauty Pick of the Week

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Hello Fabs ! I hope all is well and that you are staying stylish as usual . I never was a stickler for beauty products.  I usually just purchased a good facial mask and got on with my day . Some months ago I attended a fashion event and one of the swag bag gifts was an amazing serum from Ahava.  Fabs , I swear by this stuff !

I had a sun exposed summer, In other words :  I was in the sun more than usual .      ….. No , I was in the sun A LOT this Summer !  My skin took a beating and I needed something to bring it back to life.



Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter


Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter is a ground breaking , skin optimizing serum that boosts hydration , clarity and luminosity . It supercharges the skin’s cellular function and counter-acts the signs of aging almost instantly. Needless to say my skin was back into shape within 48 hours and I was elated .

 My skin was glowing and I was back to my gorgeous self in no time ! Ahava has a line of amazing products like their Mineral Skin Cream which is everything ! They also have a Mud Mask that will lift everything that has ever been on your face ….ever. You can find these products at your local department stores. 


ahava 1

Until next time…………… stay beautiful! 

Kohls Department Stores Inc

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