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What’s New ? M.A.C. teams up with Brooke Shields and The Simpsons !

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Here is what’s trending in beauty news : 

M.A.C. cosmetics team up for killer collabs with Brooke Shields and The Simpson’s ! Here are the deets :


Who knew the cartoon world could be so fashionable? The launch is commemorating the 25th anniversary of the show and of course it is inspired by the family matriarch Marge Simpson . M.A.C. had a limited release over the weekend of July 30th and will launch online August 28th . The collection will have a bright yellow dubbed “nacho cheese explosion” and a cobalt blue eye shadow “beehive blue”

Speaking of killer collabs , M.A.C. gives us a two-fer with the Icon collection for Brooke Shields.  The super model has been in the business for years and what better way to celebrate a beautiful career , creating a make up collection with M.A.C.  Describing the deal between herself and the beauty powerhouse which is MAC Cosmetics as “serendipitous,” it sounds like the 49-year-old has enjoyed getting creative in cosmetics. “I loved being part of the process and having my taste incorporated into it,” says Shields.

Women’s Wear Daily go the scoop first on this news and Brooke tells them you can find this collection in October of this year .


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