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Who knew people where so materialistic : The Material Boys of South Africa

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I was lying in bed checking my usual fashion sites doing research or what have you and I cam across a Youtube video of some fashionable South African boys who loves fashion . Well of course this peaked my interest because I love learning of new and up-and-coming fashionistas and fashionistos ! They call themselves the Izikhotane , they are a subculture of young black youth from South Africa’s township who buy expensive designer clothes that they can barely afford.


To be honest , we have the same culture here where our youth will steal , kill or rob for designer threads. The Izikhotane aspire their fashions for a purpose, to engage in an elaborate dance off with rival gangs to purposely destroy their clothes ! I can’t afford to destroy my Gucci and Pilloto so it is very odd that they see this as a status of some sort.  The Izikhotane were born free as they put it , they where born after the apartheid in South Africa and didn’t experience life under oppression and white rule. 

The parents of this new culture has strong feelings against their children new pass time. They state the Izikhotane tear up their clothes and money , forgetting that we are poor and struggle for money . Some parents are glad that their kids are with the Izikhotane and not involved in criminal gangs. This new found culture loves to dress up and go out and battle other rival fashion gangs. Thus catapulting them into local celebrities. 

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