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The Best of Paris Fashion Week Spring 2014 !

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Hello Fabs ! I hope all is well and that you are staying stylish as usual . Well Fashion month has come to an end and we now go back and Fall in love with Fall 2013. Before we leave let’s take a refresher on what’s to come Spring 2014.

Isabel Marant Spring 2014 Ready to Wear :

Remember the collab between H&M and Isabel Marant ? Well its a month away and Isabel is starting the party early . This collection found the designer reengaging with the tough-yet-romantic trope that first started her down the road to mega-success. As she reminded us backstage, “It’s the contrast of two ideas that I’m always trying to work with.” Marant’s collection had a lingerie theme,miniskirts of layered lace worn with tailored black jackets, the sleeves pushed up to the elbows, providing contrast between the hard and soft that is a hallmark of French chic.


Chanel Spring Ready to Wear 2014 :

Today’s show featured about 90 looks ! The first 49 looks were classic Chanel , tweed suits . Around the 50th look i woke up and fell in love with Lagerfeld all over again . Every Paris fashion week, Chanel’s show takes place in the Grand Palais and this year Karl Lagerfeld took inspiration from the space, the home of art and culture, turning the cavernous room into an art gallery. Lagerfeld is a genius when it comes to keeping Chanel relevant . Weaving the codes – tweed, chain, pearls and quilting included – into whatever theme he is currently playing with. The accessories are always talking points.


Rick Owens Spring Ready to Wear 2014 :

Step- Dancers modeled his collection today in Paris . Is he a game changer ? I think so ! Fashion is Diversity !Step dancers were recruited from U.S. sororities for the show. And these fierce “models” are not your average models. The strong and talented crew made fashion history by adding flare to Owens’ sporty, leather, black, white, and cream spring 2014 collection. The women came in waves. First those wearing black, then a group in a pale shade of grayish green, followed by women in chocolate brown, and then, at last, the ladies in white. Rick Owens …we love you !


Valention Spring Ready to Wear 2014 :

I really enjoyed this collection from Valentino. I was able to mind travel to a post-renaissance Paris and I can see the young sociables wearing this collection . The inspiration: “A journey amidst elements borrowed from imaginary ethnic groups, along with a theatricality influences with a recent visit by the designers to the Rome Opera workshops.

The look: Regal bohemian, with an emphasis on lush textiles and embroidery. The best part of it all ….it worked !


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