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Emerging Designers , Harold and Mod , Three07 …oh my It’s BFW 2014 !!!

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Birmingham Fashion Week kicked off with Emerging Designers that lit up the runway. Three07 fashion collaborative and Harold and Mod brought the revival !  The evening started off with a panel style interview with fashion designer Milo Beloved of Harold and Mod . He gave the press panel a wonderful interview about his aesthetic and the inner workings of Harold and Mod. Stay tuned for the full details on this fashion house centered right in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

 Shortly after our interview the runway show began ! The Emerging Designers presented fierceness on the runway . I was truly impressed with the designs from the design students. I can totally see their looks resonating with the everyday consumer. Twelve applicants were selected from college students and post grad students across the state of Alabama. The winner will receive a grand prize package including a guaranteed spot at BFW’s 2015 runway show, a TV appearance, and editorial piece photo shoot with a BFW professional photographer including hair and make-up as well as a $1000 scholarship.

IMG_4046                                         IMG_4024

Emerging Designers :

Ragan Creel , Elle Darby , Jennifer Evans, Lindsey Gilchrist, Mallory Hardiman, Courtney King , Lauren Ledford, Nikki Manuel, Megan Mitton , Elahe Saeidi, Kailey Smith, and Emily Waters all presented amazing fashions in hopes of become the Emerging Design Star Winner for BfW 2014 .

Three07 is a fashion collaborative expressions between two friends and their love of fashion . April Moore and Courtni Tyre design for the classy southern woman with a modern twist . Their combination of feminine silhouettes and edgy details creates an effortless “gameday” look.  This collection is perfect for the Alabama and Auburn female fans that wants a feminine look while representing their favorite teams. 

IMG_4755                                                    IMG_4767


The runway retailer for the evening was the Birmingham Fashion Truck . It is exactly what it sounds like! Birmingham has fashion on wheels and they made a stop at BFW! Here is a little bio on the company below : 

 Most young women have one problem in common…shopping. I discovered my problem at an early age and decided there was only one way to overcome it – shop for a living! That is what led me to study apparel merchandising in college and become a buyer for a corporate retail chain, and yes, I spend money to make money. As I grew in the retail business, I became more and more convinced that I must have a business of my own, but was at a loss about how to be original in a shopping culture saturated with retail options. That was until I discovered the fashion trucks in sunny California. I immediately knew I had to have one! Here was a fresh, new spin on the brick and mortar boutique that I knew the people of Birmingham and beyond would find refreshing. – Evelyn of BFT

IMG_4607                                           IMG_4802

I honestly had no clue that their fashions were so trendy and relate-able to the everyday woman . I am now a fan ! Day one is in the books and I look forward to the rest of BFW has to bring us. 

Stay tuned to FashionCrushOne for all your BFW news , updates and runway shows !

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