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Fab is the name ….and Fashion is his Game !

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Antoine W. Worrill is the CEO & Creative Director at FAB By Antoine Worrill. FAB By Antoine Worrill is his thriving fashion company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. FAB By Antoine Worrill merchandise is sold online & at a local boutique in the Greater Atlanta Area. Antoine’s company specializes in creating couture eye fashions (FAB Eye wear) & wardrobe styling (FAB Wardrobe Styling). In the near future FAB By Antoine Worrill will venture in producing fragrances, fine jewelry, shoes, fashion how-to-books & accessories.

FAB By Antoine Worrill has been successfully showcased in a local magazine, local fashion shows, music videos, countless photo shoots and online blogs. Antoine’s main objective is to continue to brand his company & elevate FAB By Antoine Worrill to new heights. Antoine always knew he wanted to own & operate a successful fashion empire, to be his own boss & inspire others to be the best they can be and do the same when it comes to their dreams. What makes FAB By Antoine Worrill unique is that it is more than just glamorous clothes & accessories, it’s a lifestyle.

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A lifestyle that represents equality & acceptance for all, self – love and letting you know how great you look on the outside all the while complimenting how great you are on the inside. FAB By Antoine Worrill’s slogan is “Don’t Just Be Anybody… BE YOU”, meaning staying true to who you are and what you believe in and not letting the rules of society determine who and what you will become.

Antoine W. Worrill is currently working on FAB Wardrobe Styling, creating concepts and assembling unique looks to be photographed for up and coming artists (music, models, maternity, etc) and individuals wanting to participate in a photo shoot for events or personal recreation. Antoine is still creating FAB Ready To Wear Eye wear for his FAB fans and loyal customers in Atlanta. He recently started selling to clients in Pennsylvania, Alabama, New Jersey and South Carolina. FAB By Antoine Worrill is also collaborating with local boutiques, creating custom eye wear for branding purposes and inventory expansion.

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Antoine lives by a quote from his favorite fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons. “The Secret Really Is No Secret, It Starts With Believing In Yourself. To Know It, Own It, Believe It, Call Upon It” Antoine believes you can achieve whatever your heart desires when you put your mind to it!

KN: How do you keep your eye wear designs innovative and creative?

AW: When I’m designing I like to think of everyday items, places & things to be inspired by. Whether it be a radio, a color, an animal, a billboard or something someone is wearing can trigger my creative juices to flow on how to transform everyday inspirations into fabulous ready to wear and fantasy eye wear.

KN: What is your niche for your eye wear designs?

AW: Right now my niche for my eye wear designs are on Photo shoot & Video sets! I love being on set and bringing looks to life by styling the models/clients eyes with FAB Eye wear  I can honestly say my niche for FAB Eye wear is bringing the fantasy to reality through fabulous photographs and my edgy fashionable clients.

KN: Have you worked with any celebrities?

AW: I have not worked with any celebrities yet but my dream clients are Lady GaGa, Rihanna & Daphne Guinness! 

KN: How does music influence your designs?

AW: MUSIC has a HUGE influence on my life, not only my designs! Music is my getaway, my freedom, my fantasy and when I put those headphones in and press play on my iPod…  let’s just say my unstoppable attitude is unleashed 🙂

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KN: What is your ultimate goal as a designer?

AW: My ultimate goal as a designer is to become a successful, global fashion and beauty brand that offers eye wear  fragrances, beauty products, fine jewelry, fashion how to books and one of a kind shoes, clothes and accessories to the world! I also want to be the voice for those who feel like they don’t have a voice, to inspire other individuals who have a dream in their hearts to start and continue to follow, invest and work towards their dreams despite the circumstances, because anything is possible! Winners never QUIT & Quitters never WIN!

KN: Do you ever think about giving up on pursuing your dream?

AW: I do have thoughts about giving up on my dreams when I’m overwhelmed and when I have time to think, time to think about what am I’m not doing right to elevate FAB to new levels, who am I not reaching out or talking to and how will I ever get to the A – List status I want to achieve in the fashion industry. Sometimes it seems impossible but I immediately remove those negative thoughts. I picture myself successful and think positive thoughts. I also tell myself that anything is possible. I will continue to strive, create and work hard until the vision in my head matches my reality!

KN: In 3 words your eye wear line.

AW: If I had to describe my eye wear in 3 words they would be

KN: Who is your favorite designer?

AW: My all time favorite designer was and still is Alexander McQueen (R.I.P) His designs were a breath of fresh air to me. I admire and adore everything about the line, from the runway shows, the ad campaigns and the innovative artistic designs he presented to the world every season. Love, love, love McQueen!

Remember…           “Don’t Just Be Anybody, BE YOU”


You can explore the works of FAB By Antoine Worrill at

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