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“Picture Perfect” Behind the camera with James Meakin

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Google Fashion photography and this handsome artist is at the top of the list. The color, location and models in the photographs immediately received my attention because fashion is artwork and he has a way of capturing art with the camera. James Meakin originated from a rural upbringing in Devon, UK. His love of color, fashion, and beauty is clearly evident in his photographic work. Several years after studying Engineering, James traveled to and lived in New York, Paris, Brazil, Munich, and Cape Town. Traveling aroused his earlier passion for fashion photography. James combines his skills, attention to detail, and inspiration from nature to produce beautiful, graphic, and fantasy themed images. James is based in London and has photographed for Vogue, Harpers, GQ, Tatler, Stylist, Financial Times, net-a-porter, Dansk, and Exit. His work has been seen all over the world and he was just in London for Fashion Week. Below I got the background on this innovative photographer. 


JM 3

KN: Describe the feeling you get when you shoot.

JM: It quite simply feels like a stage, a focal point for a lot of creative elements, I enjoy every second of it with a smile on my face.  Complete tunnel vision and focus.

KN: Did you ever one day think that you would be shooting for Vogue, GQ or Harpers?

JM: I know what I am aiming for so I wait to see which way the wind blows…take your chances when you know you are ready. It’s a roller coaster that’s for sure.

JM 5

KN: What country do you think has the best sense of fashion?

JM: I’d say cities.  I’m torn between Paris, London, on the right day even Stockholm, NY, ah I don’t know….depends on the time of year!

KN: Where do you get your inspiration for your fantasy themes?

JM: I guess I grew up in a part of the world and in a way of life where nature and history filter right into your psyche, just always had a vivid imagination, and now I look for ways in my head to escape the inevitably mundane city world’s that we exist in and project myself to a place that you could imagine might hauntingly appear out of a haze in a movie scene…!  It amuses me to find a way to try this in any environment, but I guess I only visualize things that way anyway.

JM 4

KN: Does Engineering relate to fashion and photography?

JM: I think after getting through an Engineering degree, you basically feel you can achieve anything…but it certainly opened my mind to a more dynamic way of analytical thinking and organization which very much helps me with the technical side of the creative process, and adds strings to my bow. In fashion with lighting, you either have to know what you are doing, or get someone to do it for you…I chose to know! As the jobs get bigger, the photographers own experience and technical ability can become as fundamental as their creative game, so it’s great to have this behind me as a dependable foundation.

KN: What is your ultimate goal as a fashion photographer?

JM: To enjoy the time when the camera is in my hand with the best teams I can surround myself with, so that my images can catch the eye from time to time, as a great fashion image can, and just for a fleeting moment provide a distraction to someone’s ordinary day to day business. 🙂

JM 11

KN: Who was your most favorite model to work with?

JM: Really enjoyed shooting Marloes Horst, Rosie Huntington-whitely, those with presence and raw beauty

KN: What was the location for one of your most favorite fantasy themed shoots?

JM: I loved shooting the World War One concrete satellite dishes in the UK with the amazing Ajuma and her Masai beauty, it was so hard to get to that location that it truly felt like another planet. I could have been anywhere. I love faded futuristic grandeur.

JM 8

KN: What is up next for you as a photographer?

JM: I’m in London for fashion week after a whole run of travel so I am chilled and recouping, then next up could be Germany or South Africa so far, with studio shoots before that.

KN: Would you be able to survive if color was removed from this world?

JM: I think color is so intrinsically linked to emotion that to suddenly lose sense of it would upset the balance of a lot of things in your head….perhaps even take the joy out of things you took for granted, like a sunset or a rainbow. I’d survive.  There’s so much to work with in Black and white too…it would be like a new toy to play with .


Amazing right ! James Meakin is one to watch for with his amazing aesthetic . He truly has an eye for fashion . To see more from James Meakin visit : http://www.james-meakin.com/


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