Ty Hunter starts new unisex clothing line Passion !!!!

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If you don’t know who Ty Hunter is you are clearly out of the fashion loop . Ty Hunter most affectionately known as TyTryone in the social media realm is the fashion force behind the Beyonce’s every red carpet looks . Ty has been styling for Queen B since her Destiney Child days. Tina Knowles would frequent a local boutique in Houston where Ty worked. Ty Hunter simply picked up the phone one day and contacted to inquire about assisting her and the rest is history as they say .


Ty has his latest fashion endeavor cleverly named Passion !!!! The sporty , graphic unisex clothing line designed with bold shades of yellow and black . The collection ranges from crop tops to crew necks with a logo with four prominent points. Ty did not recruit Beyonce as one of his models for the line , he says that would have been to easy . He wanted to start from the ground up , a sort of grass roots project that has taken off on social media.



Ty does add that he does ask for advice from Beyonce because she will be the most truthful of anyone. 

for me yellow represents the rays of the sun . Social media can be so negative , so I wanted my clothes to be that burst of sunshine… something bright and positive  ”

     tytryone            – Ty Hunter.

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