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Racism is not Stylish : Louis Vuitton gets sued over racial slurs !

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We all know that racism is alive and well… thou we wish other wise this is a true fact . The fashion world has it’s on set of kill-joys that feel  as if it is OK to have racial motives and undertones. Fashion house Louis Vuitton is now being sued over racial discrimination with the company . Olivier Koffi , a sales associate at the London Selfridge store is suing for harassment after seeing his boss make several discriminatory comments . Koffi states that the situation makes for a hostile  and intimidating work environment. 

oliver koffi

Oliver Koffi

The lawsuit, which will be presented to a Central London Employment court on July 18, details various incidents including an exchange that Koffi had with his boss and a few other employees in December last year. “During this discussion, my manager quite randomly stated that “black people are slaves and eat dirt off the floor,” Koffi told reporters.  The manager was confronted about his remarks he  apologized and claimed it was a “joke.”

Since then that manager has left  the job following a disciplinary hearing. However, Louis Vuitton still has to deal with the lawsuit. 


A spokeswoman for Louis Vuitton said the company “has a zero-tolerance policy to harassment of any kind. This reported sentiment is in total violation of the Louis Vuitton Ethical charter. This issue was investigated, and the manager in question no longer works within the company.”

This brings back into the discussion : Do we boycott these brands for the bad behavior? Paula Deen was thrown off of her thrown for making racial comments along with her brother last year. Will people do the ethical thing  and stop putting millions of dollars into these companies that display negative behavior ? That is yet to be seen .


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